August 2nd, 2011

I like pork fat and that’s that. Well, I also like other pork products such as bacon, stewed pork belly and crispy roasted pork.

I’ve just started my new gig as SharePoint Interface Architect at Collabware on August 2, 2011.

Up until recently, I was a Senior User Experience Developer with the Habañero Consulting Group from May 2006 to July 2011. My primary focus was implementing client branding and creating custom UI elements for a variety of SharePoint 2007 and 2010 projects.

Prior to joining Habañero, I was an Interactive Developer/Producer at the Vancouver office of Grey Advertising, Grey Worldwide, Grey Advertising from 1999-2006.

My borked hCard

Sing Chan

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Yoshi Boo

Boo-chan's Profile, ©Yoshinoya D&CThe well-dressed Buta (pig in Japanese) caricature is a shameless rip-off of Yoshi Boo or Boo-chan, the soon-to-be retired mascot of Yoshinoya, a chain of fast food restaurants in Japan (and other parts of the world).

In early 2004, Yoshinoya switched from a beef to pork centric menu due to the rising cost of beef in Japan caused by the scare of Mad Cow disease. Japan banned U.S. beef imports in December 2003 after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy was reported in the United States. I take it the marketing folk at Yoshinoya decided the best way to promote their new pork-based menu was to create a new mascot.

When I went to Japan in March 2005, Yoshinoya was celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the introduction of their pork menu. Boo-chan was all over their in-store merchandising and there was a funny TV commercial of him dressed in a tux giving a press conference. Boo-chan was an easy choice to become my new avatar.

The caricatures on a previous design of this site, which I have yet to reintegrate with the current iteration, were designed by Christine Ibbitson.

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