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Friday Night Rant: Crappy North American Cell Phones

September 22nd, 2006 Comments

Danny Choo just got a new cell phone. I have gadget envy.

This cellphone is loaded to the hilt with features: GPS, 400×240 WQVGA display, 2 mega-pixel camera, MiniSD slot, 2Mbps net connection, radio receiver and on and on and on…

Why doesn’t North America have phones like these? Why are our networks so damn slow to adopt new technologies?

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Sony; your PS3 might be tasty, but it’s not that delicious!

September 8th, 2006 Comments

I’m thinking I’m going to take my pent up frustrations and go on a weekly rant Friday evenings. Here’s my thoughts on the upcoming Sony Playstation 3 vs the already available Microsoft Xbox 360.

So I get home and have some leftovers but I’m feeling not feeling quite full. No worries, there’s always the old stand-by, buck-a-slice pizza downstairs.

I’m not sure if the term buck-a-slice is universal, so let me elaborate. In downtown Vancouver, you can find an abundance of cheap, in terms of both price (usually $1Cdn/slice) and quality, pizza joints. This is especially true in areas with a high concentration of either ESL (english as second language) schools, bars or night clubs.

Downstairs from where I live, there are two of these pizza places side by side. The one on the corner serves a tastier pie. Everyone goes to the joint on the corner. So much so that they raised the price a bit last year and everyone, myself included, still went there.

So you might be asking, what the heck does this have to do with the next-gen console wars?


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