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Contoso Riders Quick App

June 2nd, 2008 Comments

Hey, what’s a couple of years between posts right?

I recently had the opportunity to demo our Contoso Riders Quick App at EnergizeIT in Toronto. A big thanks to Jean-Luc David and Chris Dufour for being such great hosts and for making our Services track a great success!

Presenting the Contoso Riders Quick App at EnergizeIT!Chris Dufor and your's truly

So you might be asking yourself; “What’s a Quick App?”

Quick Apps are projects that showcase the Microsoft Live Platform service offerings and also serve as templates which developers can use as a springboard to base their own projects off of. They are open-source projects release under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

In the case of Contoso Riders, we implemented services and APIs such as:

  • Live ID for user authentication
  • Live Messenger Presence API and IM Control for Instant Messenging
  • Virtual Earth Map Control to display and Virtual Earth Collections for storing map and routing information
  • Silverlight Streaming for hosting videos
  • Live Spaces Weblogs and the Metaweblog API to store and manage content
  • Live Spaces Photo Albums to store photos

You can download the source for Contoso Riders on CodePlex as part of the Windows Live Quick Apps project.