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SharePoint 2013 Modal Dialog Tips & Tricks

March 22nd, 2013 Comments

After hibernating for the winter, I have a spring treat for you all.

I present to you: Tips & Tricks: SharePoint 2013 Modal Dialogs. It’s a follow-up to my original SharePoint 2010 dialog tips & tricks post!

SharePoint 2010 Modal Dialog Tips & Tricks

October 30th, 2012 Comments

Wow, another week to-the-day and it’ll have been two years since I posted anything here!

Have learnt much and doing very cool things at Collabware and our CLM product for the past year and I’ve finally gotten off my butt and wrote a post with some tips & tricks on SharePoint 2010 Modal Dialogs on our blog:

Of note is the ability to resize a modal dialog. I hadn’t found a completely working example so I’ve posted a version of the code we use for Collabware CLM. It leverages the same code that’s in SP.UI.Dialog.js when it initially sizes the dialog on page load. No dependencies on jQuery or other external frameworks!

Microsoft announces Internet Explorer 9 at PDC

November 20th, 2009 Comments

Microsoft has announced they’re busy working away on the next version of Internet Explorer. Some of the more interesting things included:

  • Much better JavaScript performance! IE8 was a nice first step at improving JS performance on IE but still woefully behind the JS profilers and JIT compilers of Firefox, Safari, et al. Early builds of IE9 are already 4 times faster in the SunSpider benchmark than that of IE8 and putting it about par with Firefox 3.5.
  • CSS Level 3! Again early builds apparently are able to pass the majority of the CSS3 Selectors Testsuite, 41 out of 43. Of course, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4 already completely pass this test. IE8 only passed 22 of these tests by the way.

Where’s more HTML5?

Microsoft was very non-committal about this. They made a good start in IE8 with things like DOM storage, cross document messaging (XDM) and have a built in JSON API, but where’s <video> or more importantly <canvas>?

It’s a promising start for Microsoft with news about IE9’s JS performance and CSS3 compliance. Here’s hoping to Microsoft finding time to implement some of the HTML elements that competitors have already integrated into their browsers. Don’t need IE10 to STILL be playing catch-up.

Contoso Riders Quick App

June 2nd, 2008 Comments

Hey, what’s a couple of years between posts right?

I recently had the opportunity to demo our Contoso Riders Quick App at EnergizeIT in Toronto. A big thanks to Jean-Luc David and Chris Dufour for being such great hosts and for making our Services track a great success!

Presenting the Contoso Riders Quick App at EnergizeIT!Chris Dufor and your's truly

So you might be asking yourself; “What’s a Quick App?”

Quick Apps are projects that showcase the Microsoft Live Platform service offerings and also serve as templates which developers can use as a springboard to base their own projects off of. They are open-source projects release under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

In the case of Contoso Riders, we implemented services and APIs such as:

  • Live ID for user authentication
  • Live Messenger Presence API and IM Control for Instant Messenging
  • Virtual Earth Map Control to display and Virtual Earth Collections for storing map and routing information
  • Silverlight Streaming for hosting videos
  • Live Spaces Weblogs and the Metaweblog API to store and manage content
  • Live Spaces Photo Albums to store photos

You can download the source for Contoso Riders on CodePlex as part of the Windows Live Quick Apps project.