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Ninja Gaiden II: Archfiend Madness

November 3rd, 2009 Comments

Scored a free copy of Ninja Gaiden II for free when I went to get Grand Theft Auto IV (which I haven’t even touched other than watching the intro). The final boss battle with the Archfiend is really a expletive spewing, controller-throwing exercise in frustration. I know, I know, shoot the head with the arrow, shoot the orb in his chest, dodge stuff, rinse repeat…

First, if I load the save the game when I boot up the 360, I have to watch the intro video of Hayabusa unlocking the giant black gate and then have to battle the high priest just to get back to the battle with the archfiend! Then I get pummelled by archfiend over and over again.

I must suck… this is way to much effort to put into what could be a shitty ending video.

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