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Some Nice Things to Say About Translink

February 27th, 2010 Comments

I would think most things people (and by people I really mean me) say about Translink tend to be on the negative side. Not in this post though!

First off, I think it’s great that Translink has added 3 extra late night runnings of the West Coast Express (WCE) for us people in the boon docks so that we can stay in downtown Vancouver late to cheer on our olympians. It gets cars, and more importantly one or two drunk drivers behind those cars, off the road! I wish they would run some late night train busses, but I suppose they don’t get enough capacity to make it sustainable.

Yesterday night I had taken one of the extra late trains to get back home. The bus that takes me home normally stops service sometime around 11:00pm and I was expecting to trudge back up the hill at 1:00 in the morning. To my surprise, there were buses waiting WCE passengers! And even more surprising, they weren’t following their normal routes! Instead they just served the general areas surrounding their routes and the driver would ask where each passenger where they needed to go and then zipped around town dropping everyone off as if all the passengers where sharing one big taxi!

So thank-you Translink for getting me home quickly and efficiently and for saving me a 20 minute minute trek in the rain!

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